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SUNY General Education Requirements

  • SUNY General Education Requirements Checklist

    Knowledge Areas/Specific Courses

    *Sign Language offered to fulfill full language competency for education majors and others meeting current SUNY guidelines for applicability of ASL to the foreign language competency.

    1. Mathematics

      MT 112MT 116MT 118MT 119MT 121
      MT 122MT 125MT 126MT 143MT 144
      MT 167MT 171MT 175MT 176MT 177
      MT 180MT 181MT 182MT 283MT 284
      MT 191MT 292PY 102  
    2. Natural Sciences

      AS 180/181AS 182BI 101/102BI 105BI 107/109
      BI 108BI 110/115BI 112/117BI 121/122BI 124/125
      BI 140BI 147/148BI 150/151BI 152/153BI 169/170
      BI 220/221BI 230/231CH 110CH 112CH 116
      CH 118/119CH 140/141CH 144/145CH 180/181CH 182/183
      CH 240/241GL 160/161GL 170ML 218/219PH 100/101
      PH 110PH 120/121PH 122/123PH 152PH 170/171
      PH 172/173PH 180/181PH 190/191PH 210PH 215
      PH 220PH 225PH 260/261PH 262/263PH 270/271
      PH 272/273PH 280/281PH 282/283PH 284/285 
    3. Social Sciences

      AN 101AN 102AN 103AN 201BU 233
      EC 100EC 101EC 102EC 103EC 201
      GO 100GO 101GO 102GO 103GP 101
      GP 103GP 106GP 150GP 250GP 290
      HU 100PA 205PS 100PS 101PS 102
      PS 201PS 202PS 203PS 204PS 207
      SO 100SO 101SO 201SO 202SO 203
      SS 102SS 103SS 203SS 205 
    4. American History

      HI 101HI 102HI 103HI 108HI 115
      HI 231 HI 260
    5. Western Civilization

      HI 100HI 109HI 110HI 111HI 112
      HI 208HI 241
    6. Other World Civilizations

      AN 102HI 106HI 107HI 181HI 182
      HI 209    
    7. Humanities

      AT 280AT 281AT 282CA 120CA 121
      CA 210DT 101DT 103DT 107DT 108
      EN 111EN 206EN 210EN 211EN 215
      EN 220EN 221EN 225EN 230EN 235
      EN 236EN 240EN 245EN 250EN 260
      EN 265EN 270EN 280EN 285EN 286
      EN 292EN 294EN 296EN 297EN 298
      EN 299MA 112MU 100MU 210MU 215
      MU 217PY 100PY 101PY 102PY 104
      PY 105PY 110PY 111PY 115 
    8. The Arts

      AR 135AT 200AT 201AT 210AT 211
      AT 213AT 220AT 221AT 222AT 225
      AT 230AT 231AT 232AT 235AT 260
      AT 262AT 263AT 280AT 281AT 282
      DN 101DN 102DN 103DN 107DN 108
      DN 111DN 112DT 100DT 101DT 102
      DT 103DT 104DT 105DT 106DT 107
      DT 108EN 111EN 140EN 141EN 210
      EN 211EN 215EN 220EN 221EN 225
      EN 230EN 236EN 240EN 245EN 260
      EN 265EN 270EN 280EN 285EN 286
      EN 292EN 294EN 296EN 297MU 115
      MU 116MU 200MU 201MU 202MU 203
      MU 204MU 205MU 206MU 207MU 208
      MU 209MU 210MU 213MU 214MU 215
      MU 217MU 240   
    9. Foreign Language

      FR 110FR 111FR 112FR 201FR 206
      FR 207*SL 110*SL 111SP 110SP 111
      SP 112SP 201SP 202SP 205SP 206
    10. Basic Communication

      EN 110EN 111EN 120EN 121EN 130
  • SUNY Transfer Guarantee

    Under SUNY transfer guarantee program established in 1972, all NY residents who transfer directly from one SUNY Community College with an (AA or AS) degree are guaranteed an opportunity to continue full-time study at a SUNY four-year campus. Although the program will guarantee your admission to a SUNY four-year college, it does not assure admission to specific campus or program. Additional information available in the Transfer Services Office (Student Support Services Center).

    SUNY Mobility

    Seamless Transfer Policy - All SUNY AA and AS graduates are guaranteed:

    • Transfer up to 60 credits of course work toward a bachelor degree.
    • Up to 30 credits of General Education courses in ten subjects area.
    • The areas are specific and SUNY-Wide
    • Each student gets a SUNY wide GE transcript (the “GETA”)